Wonka Rainbow Nerds Theatre Box American Candy - 141.7g

Wonka Rainbow Nerds Theatre Box American Candy - 141.7g

Brand: Wonka

Wonka Nerds are a popular gluten-free American candy available in 5 deliciously tangy flavours - Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, & Apple.

  • £2.00


One of the most popular ranges of American candy available in the UK, Wonka Rainbow Nerds Theatre Box contains 5 exciting flavours and is the perfect starting place for anybody who has never tried sweets from the states before.

Sweet, tangy, and wickedly crunchy! Wonka Nerds are enjoyed best when poured directly from box-to-mouth.

  • Contains 5 flavours - Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, & Apple
  • Made in the USA 
  • Free from artificial flavourings 
  • Sugar-coated American candy
  • Gluten-free

Packet Size: 141.7g

Ingredients: Dextrose, Sugar, Acidity Regulator: Malic Acid (E296), Glucose* Syrup, Natural Flavouring, Glazing Agent: Carnauba Wax (E903), Colour: Carmine (E120), Artificial Colours: Brilliant Blue (E133), Indigo Carmine (E132), Allura Red (E129), Tartrazine (E102, Sunset Yellow (E110)

Please Note: Wonka Rainbow Nerds may contain eggs.


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